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MPI debugging

MPI programs are more difficult to debug than other programs because of their parallel nature. The MPI programming model follows the single program multiple data paradigm or the multiple program multiple data paradigm. Debugging MPI programs is complicated by the following characteristics: Several processes run in parallel in a coordinated way. These processes may all… Continue reading MPI debugging


Some Math

Math in WordPress has become as easy as $1,2,3,\dots$ thanks to MathJax. Some trigonometric identities: \begin{gather} \sin\alpha^2 +\cos\alpha^2 = 1 \\ \sqrt{2}\left|\cos(\alpha/2)\right| = \sqrt{\cos(\alpha) +1} \end{gather} The Dirac equation for a relativistic electron: \begin{equation} \mathrm{i}\hbar\frac{\partial\Psi(\vec{r}, t)}{\partial t} = \left(c\vec{\alpha}\cdot\left(\hat{\vec{p}}- q \vec{A}(\vec{r}, t) \right) + q \phi(\vec{r}, t) + mc^2\beta \right)\Psi(\vec{r}, t) \end{equation}