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Intel Threading Challenge 2010

Would you like to test your parallel programming skills? Then you might participate in the Intel Threading Challenge 2010 and demonstrate your skills in one of two levels of participation.

  • Apprentice level gives programmers new to multithreading and parallelism.
  • Master level targets developers with multithreading experience.

Problem 1 of the 1st phase in Apprentice level asks to write a multithreaded program that determines the connected components in a graph. For Master level problem 1 requires to compute the so-called Hosoya index Z that is the number of sets of nonadjacent bonds in a molecule. You will have to submit your solution of the 1st problem until June 21, 2010 at 12:00 PM (Pacific Daylight Time).

Intel sponsors various prices ranging from $25.00 (U.S. Dollar) Visa Gift Cards to a Laptop (valued at approximately $600.00 US dollars). For more about the entry requirements and scoring details, see the main contest page.

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