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Accelerating the Fourier split operator method

In past postings I wrote on fast Fourier transform (FFT) performance and on GPU computing. In a new project both topics meet. We evaluated the FFT performance on GPUs. We found performance gains of more than one order of magnitude as compared to traditional (non-parallel) CPU codes. The FFT is a core algorithm that finds… Continue reading Accelerating the Fourier split operator method

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Intel Threading Challenge 2010

Would you like to test your parallel programming skills? Then you might participate in the Intel Threading Challenge 2010 and demonstrate your skills in one of two levels of participation. Apprentice level gives programmers new to multithreading and parallelism. Master level targets developers with multithreading experience. Problem 1 of the 1st phase in Apprentice level… Continue reading Intel Threading Challenge 2010

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New TRNG release

A new version of TRNG (Tina’s Random Number Generator Library) has been released. New features of TRNG 4.9 include: A new random number distribution class hypergeometric_dist and a new random number engine class mlcg2_64 have been implemented. Performance improvements for split methods of the classes lcg64 and lcg64_shift. The computational complexity has been reduced from… Continue reading New TRNG release